Classic Burger No. 3, Redondo Beach, Ca

Posted Saturday September 12, 2009 7:25AM

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Classic Burger No. 3, Redondo Beach, Ca Address: 622 Torrance Blvd., Redondo Beach, Ca, 90277
Visited: Friday September 11, 2009 7:45PM
Ordered: Turkey Burger (x1), Onion Rings (x1), Root Beer (x1)
Total Cost: $6.97
Photo from Yelp, by Joan S.

Vin S.’s Review

The Experience

Classic Burger is my favorite local diner. Serves everything, it’s never crazy crowded, I can take my book and sit and read while I eat. The crew behind the counter is friendly. Today, I was shocked–they’ve installed big plastic booths inside, where before it was metal tables. While this did change the atmosphere slightly, you don’t always want your local diner to make changes, even if it is an improvement, you know? It throws you off. Part of going there is for the familiarity! Regardless, the food and people and everything is the same. Just now there’s big plastic booths.

Anyway, yea Classic Burger (according to the sign out front) (Classic Charburger #3 according to the receipt) (Classic Burger No. 3 according to Google) is close to the beach, lowkey, and serves breakfast and lunch and dinner most all the day long. I frequent it often.

Experience rating: 4.44/5

The Burger

Classic Burger, despite the name, has a HUGE menu (pretty much whatever you want). And there are like 6 or 7 burgers to choose from. Usually, I just get the #1, a quarter pounder. Today, however, I tried something different for review, the #6, a turkey burger. But you can count this review for both, because they were basically the same burger! In fact, I think the #1 is the basis for all the others, which may just have slightly different toppings (i.e., the avocado burger, or the double, or the bacon cheeseburger). I’m not clear what the pastrami burger is like, and swear I will try it for you eventually.

The turkey burger then, was basically just the quarter pounder but with turkey meat. Whenever I eat the #1, it always reminds me of a more quality Big Mac–there’s lettuce/onion shredded together, thousand island dressing, and a pickle. I quite enjoy the lettuce/onion mix here, but it does overwhelm the meat… especially the turkey pattie. (Hamburger meat sticks out a bit more.) Also part of this overwhelming was because they put a DAMNED LOT of lettuce/onion mix on there.

This was made even more obvious because the one major flaw in this burger was that the bun fell apart one bite in, causing a giant mess of lettuce and onion and thousand island. (And the A1 steak sauce I dipped it in.) I don’t know what it is about the buns they use, but I wouldn’t mind something else there. I prefer the hamburger to the turkey though for sure, and am docking points from the score today because of that.

Otherwise, I think these burgers are very tasty, cheap, and I love this place.

Turkey Burger rating: 3.51/5

Bottom Line

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