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McDonald’s, Toronto, On

Posted Monday October 5, 2009 11:13AM

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McDonald's, Toronto, On Address: 89 Yonge Street, Toronto, On
Visited: Wednesday September 30 2009, 11:45AM
Ordered: Double cheeseburger (x2), Coke (x1), chocolate sundae (x1)
Total Cost: $7.64

Dave N.’s Review

The Experience

No, I’m not going to write a review every time I go to McDonald’s, nor are our other reviewers. However, I don’t mind writing up a few a) to cover different menu items, or b) if it was an interesting or exceptional experience. This experience was neither interesting nor exceptional, so this review will simply focus on how sweet it is to get double cheeseburgers.

I don’t have much to say about going to McDonald’s. It was a pretty typical McDonald’s trip. I ended up missing my Queen subway stop on the way to work, so I got off at King and walked up. Recognizing that this was my only chance to eat lunch, and possibly dinner, I popped in for something quick. This particular McDonald’s was spacious and clean — far better than the one I sometimes hit at Queen and Church, which is a tiny scuzzhole.

Experience rating: 3/5 — it’s McDonald’s

The Burger

When I was in LA visiting Caryl’s brother last year, we were in search of something fast and cheap to eat before going out drinking at a tiki bar. McDonald’s fit the bill and I was, for the first time, introduced to the dollar menu. Now, in LA, items on this menu actually cost a dollar, which is pretty spectacular. Here in Canada they cost $1.39, which still ain’t nothing to shake no stick at. Included on this menu is the absolutely delicious, if somewhat wee, Double Cheeseburger.

For years, when I ate at McDonald’s, I ate Quarter Pounders. Since I’ve discovered the Double Cheeseburger, I’ve almost never looked back. The one time I tried to have a Quarter Pounder again I ended up being kinda put off by the taste, so I guess they’ve been ruined for me. The Double Cheeseburger is exactly what you would expect. It’s like a Double Quarter Pounder, but far smaller and flimsier, and with a slightly different taste. Though it still tastes like McDonald’s, of course.

Ok, I’m bored of writing this. What you need to know: the Double Cheeseburger is a better value than other McD’s burgers and just as good, if not better. Order up a couple of these bad boys next time you’re here.

Burger rating: 3/5 — it’s McDonald’s

Bottom Line

Average rating:

3/5 — it’s McDonald’s


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